Lockdown in Paris: Day 43

You know what day it is—say it with me: Viewsday Tuesday! These classic Parisian views are brought to you by a friend who lives in the desiriable 3rd arrondissement, called the “Haut Marais,” extending the golden halo from the popular Marais district (4th arr.) to this area near Place de la République. My friend has lived here for years, before it was chic to do so. This local residential neighborhood has changed a lot in the last several years, rapidly gentrifying and becoming a tourist haven, unfortunately for the residents. Shops catering to everyday life are closing, and chocolate and macaron places are moving in. Still, it’s a nice place to live.

I, likewise, called this neighborhood home for a year or so while my own place was under water, thanks to a monster leak a neighbor refused to fix. I stayed in my friend’s building, and a few other apartments in the area during that time, so it’s a district close to my heart.

One of my temporary apartments in the 3rd during The Leak Saga. I wrote revisions of my book on this terrace.

Slowing Down During Lockdown

My friend normally has a very packed schedule and is constantly out: she eats out everyday, she has her meetings out. She has a busy social calendar, and loves the go-go-go of her life. But going out less, due to confinement, has actually bought her more time—for herself, and her projects. “Is it bad that I’m loving being stuck at home?” she asked me. It came as a surprise to her and I, too, was surprised to hear her say it. I thought she’d be climbing the walls, but her slower life pace, has allowed her to focus on what matters most.

How many of you define yourselves by how busy you are—how much you have to do, how many social engagements you have? Confinement is showing us that we are more than the busyness of our lives. We are not what we do; it’s how we are standing still that counts. The rest is just activity.

View of the 3rd arrondissement.

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One response to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 43

  1. Dear Lisa, happy that you are able to live in Paris. I live vicariously through your wonderful heartfelt stories and escapades… take good care…


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