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Over 348 million impressions garnered. My life in two cities has been featured in House Hunters International, New York Magazine’s “The Cut,” Travel+Leisure, BBC Radio, and more. My No Love Locks project has garnered international press on major news networks and publications, including national coverage in the U.S., Canada, and France.

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La Vie Creative Podcast: Interview with Part-time Parisian and Full-time Author and Coach, Lisa Anselmo
Author, coach, and branding guru, Lisa Anselmo, talks about what it means to be creative, and why authenticity is more important than ever.

Travel+Leisure: How to Experience Paris Like a Local
Lisa Anselmo share her tips for living like a local in Paris, and talks about her book, My (Part-Time) Paris Life. Read on.
By Jessica Plautz

Bustle: My (Part-Time) Paris Life is Becoming a Book and Series: First Look
By Cristina Arreola

New York Magazine: Meet the Jet-lagged New Yorker Who’s Trying to Get Those Damn Locks Off of Paris Bridges
By Tim Murphy

Expatriates Magazine: Cover Story
(Part-time) expat Lisa Anselmo shares her life between Paris and New York. She is a creative director, writer and author of My (Part-Time) Paris Life – How Running Away Brought Me Home: a true story of how expat life in Paris brought her self-discovery and healing after tragic personal loss.
By Jaqueline Taylor

Bonjour Paris: Interview with Lisa Anselmo, Author of My (Part-Time) Paris Life
By Janet Hulstrand

Rudy Maxa’s World: Conversation with Lisa Anselmo, Part-Time Parisian
Podcast. Download here (see tab upper left).

The Earful Tower with Oliver Gee, on World Radio Paris
Radio interview with Lisa Anselmo on her new novel, kissing French people, and “love locks.” Listen here.

Happy Hour with Ollia, Radio Enghien, France
Lisa Anselmo talks about her life in Paris and New York, reads from her memoir—plus, hear her custom playlist for the show!
Listen here:

Living La Belle Vie with Mundey Young, on World Radio Paris
Lisa Anselmo talks with life coach Mundey Young about breaking out and finding her voice in the City of Light. How do you know you’re living the dream when you feel like a failure in your new life?

Kick Ass Muse: How Running Away Brought Her Home
Podcast interview with My (Part-Time) Paris Life author Lisa Anselmo on changing your life, and finding purpose after loss. Listen here.

The Local: 10 Best Books About France You Need to Read
Authors recommend their favorite books about France—David Lebovitz, Elaine Sciolino, Lisa Anselmo, and more. By Oliver Gee

The Local: This is the Moment You Know You’ve Become Parisian
Eleven adopted “Parisians” share the moment when they realized they were a local. By Oliver Gee

HGTV House Hunters International: Finding Happiness in Paris 
Check local listings. For Lisa Anselmo, visiting Paris has always felt like home away from home. So when her mother passed away she looked to France for rejuvenation. Now, she’s convinced that finding the perfect apartment in her favorite arrondissement could bring her some needed joy.

The fight to save Les Pipos, a bistro serving a local community for 130 years, is part of a larger fight to save small businesses falling to the gentrification and corporatization of Paris. By Lisa Anselmo

Making It in Manhattan: Secrets to the Perfect Red Lip by a (Part-Time) Parisian
Foolproof Tips: What to Buy; How to Apply.
By Lisa Anselmo

Skirting the Rules: Why a “Reckless” Paris Property Purchase Was the Most Empowering Thing I Ever Did
By Lisa Anselmo

Distrupt Aging: 5 Ways I Disrupted My Life
It’s never too late to create the life you want. Unless you’re okay with dismissing happiness. I wasn’t.
By Lisa Anselmo

New York Magazine: Paris is Fighting Back, One Café Table at a Time
How Parisians are coping with fear and taking back their city after the terror attacks of November 13, 2015.
By Lisa Anselmo

The Local: One Month On—Let’s Hope Fraternity is a Lasting Impact
Writer Lisa Anselmo gauges how Paris is coping one month after the devastating terror attacks and how she hopes the new-found fraternity among locals will be the true lasting impact of the attacks.
By Lisa Anselmo


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