A Trip to the Countryside…in Paris

No matter how long you live in Paris, there is always something surprising around the corner. For me that was around the corner and up the road a ways, into the 20th arrondissement. There, tucked up on a hill near the hospital where Edith Piaf was born, is La Campagne à Paris (the countryside in Paris), a tiny neighborhood comprised of only a few cobbled streets lined with adorable cottages, like brick-and-mortar confections.

As you walk along, you truly do feel like you’re in a small country village, and for the time you’re there, you are transported from the chaos of city life, reminded of the beauty of Paris, which somehow continues to retain its timeless charm even as time marches forward.

©Lisa Anselmo | Part-Time Paris Productions

Back when I was looking to buy something in Paris ten years ago, a house in this village was up for sale. I vaguely remember it was a little over 100 square meters for under 100,000 euros. I know. Not anymore.

Like little stone confections. Each more adorable than the next.
Country charm in the heart of the big city.

Perched on a hill, you access this village from stairs like these.

Charming gate of a colorful house.
These homes are on the other side of the hill. A little more upscale but just as charming.

Next time you visit Paris, take a trek off the beaten path into the 20th arrondissement, to the old stomping grounds of Edith Piaf. You never know what you’ll find. —LA

All photos this page: ©Lisa Anselmo


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4 responses to “A Trip to the Countryside…in Paris

  1. Those are great photos. It does look like a village far from Paris. Thanks for such a nice post 🙂


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