My (Part-Time) Paris Life—The Series

NEW! Discover my Paris, and the Parisians who make it interesting—finding success by following their hearts. This season, you’ll meet Master Boulanger Christophe Vasseur of Du Pains et des Idées who changed his career at 33, Top Chef finalist Pierre Sang whose newest restaurant pays tribute to his native Korea, portrait artist Geoffrey Guillin, and others. Plus, you’ll visit an open-air market in the 11th arrondissement, gain entrance to the Bal des Pompiers (Paris’s annual firemen’s ball), take a tour of my tiny Paris flat, and more! Episode One is available now. Others will be coming soon. Subscribe to my blog for updates!

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Season One

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Episode 1: Of Bread and Dreams
Master Boulanger Christophe Vasseur of Du Pains et des Idées achieved success against all odds, leaving a career in fashion at 33—unheard of in France—to follow his passion for baking. Learn why his do-or-die life model is one you should adopt.

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Episode 2: The Nicest Man in the Restaurant Business COMING SOON
Korean-born chef Pierre Sang was adopted by French parents at the age of seven. Find out how this has driven his career, and why he’s happily handing over his kitchens to up-and-coming talent just as he’s achieving his greatest success. 

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Episode 3: A Modern Artist with the Soul of the ’20s COMING SOON
Meet my friend Geoffrey Guillin, an artist with a penchant for all things Roaring Twenties. He’s built a persona and career from nothing but limitless vision and determination (and a ton of unbridled talent). 

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Episode 4: Saving the Marais COMING SOON
Tourism, corporate chain stores, and greedy developers are quickly sucking the soul out of Paris’s most historic neighborhood. Discover one man’s mission to keep the heart and soul of the Marais alive.

Bonus Episodes
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©2018 Nomadic Frames

Inside Paris’s Bal des Pompiers
Bastille Day, dancing, and firemen. Need I say more? Watch here.

A Private Tour of My Little Paris Place
It’s small, but it’s all mine. Watch here.

Shopping in the Marché Popincourt: Coming Soon
Peruse a popular local street market in Paris.