Lockdown in Paris: Day 44

For Anything Goes Wednesday, a little photo exhibit. These photos were taken over the years and capture what I love about Paris: the gorgeous graphic details often overlooked.

Heaven is in the Details: Everyday Parisian Signage

Church exit door, 11th arrondissement. ©Lisa Anselmo

The gorgeous detergent dispenser in my laundromat. ©Lisa Anselmo

18th-century store signage, Galerie Vivienne in the 2nd.  ©Lisa Anselmo

Mosiac floor (18th century), Galerie Vivienne. ©Lisa Anselmo

Mosaic in front of a shop in the Palais Royale (and my feets). ©Lisa Anselmo

Mosaic in front of a shop in the Palais Royale. ©Lisa Anselmo

Tile entrance of Lecreux Frères, a shop that sells headstones, housed in a stunning Art Deco building across from Pere Lachaise Cemetery. ©Lisa Anselmo

Street art, 11th arr. This artist works in chalk and has art all over the city. ©Lisa Anselmo

Street art on a cement wall. This is one of my favorites, now long since painted over. Love the Aztec-ian vibe. ©Lisa Anselmo

Locksmith sign, 19th Century. Paris 11th. ©Lisa Anselmo

Café floor tiles, Paris 10th. ©Lisa Anselmo

Closed cafe in the 11th. The terrace is empty due to Coronavirus. ©Lisa Anselmo

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