Lockdown in Paris: Day 42

©Lisa Anselmo

Music Monday is here!

I think I’m homesick. Maybe it’s because I’m far from family during a very uneasy time. Maybe because I’m talking to all my friends back home every day. Recently, a friend posted on Facebook a list of the music he was listening to during confinement, and on the list was a Bluegrass band. I’d forgotten Bluegrass existed—and how much I loved it. I searched for the band on Youtube, hit play, and memories poured out of my speakers. Memories of America long forgotten.

Bluegrass is classic Americana, a rich part of our heritage. With so much negative press about (and in) America right now, we can easily forget to celebrate our history and culture, our unique contributions to music, art, food culture, innovation. I listened to that Bluegrass and felt proud.

I downloaded bunches more, letting the sounds of my homeland fill my French neighbors’ ears, the down-home twang and rhythm play off the buildings on my Parisian street. My mood shifted, brighter and brighter with each toe-tapping tune. The music swaddled me and carried me home again.

Today, I’m nodding to our great Bluegrass heritage with my own take on “A Man of Constant Sorrow.” I made it in one take, and it’s a departure from what you’re used to from me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey back to my days playing in bands. Enjoy.

A Lass of Constant Sorrow. Vocals by Lisa Anselmo, guitar by Norman Blake.

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7 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 42

  1. Hi Lisa
    Your music was so good your voice really suits the Bluegrass..Enjoyed it very much.

  2. Tuesday , April 28, 2020, Sue Ginn from Boston Still in Civid 19 Isolation!
    Lisa: just started your book…My Part Time Paris Life! Woke at 3AM to dig into it again and take notes! We’re very similar women from Italian backgrounds …I was married very young and have been divorced long. I was scheduled to visit The Rivieras of Italy and France May 2 which now is off. I’ve traveled to Europe lots in my years and now enjoying all my books of Paris in my early 70 yrs…love what you did getting to live in my fav City and applaud you! I’m so enjoying your writing but I’m trying to allow the book to linger…so I’ll do another fav thing in between… knitting! Love designing myself handles it sweaters as an avid hobby!
    Your talents are many of mine and I just had to send my best to you at this sad time! Be strong and keep safe and happy! Yours in Yarns Sue


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