Life After Lockdown: Sidewalk Surfin’

Stroll-with-Me Sunday is here! This weekend, we’ve had a heatwave, with temperatures reaching 100F+(39C). And Parisians (those not already on vacation) were doing their best to keep cool—chillin’ on café terraces. It was Terrace Beach in Paris this weekend!

Life’s a beach on the extended terrace of Le 138, complete with floats. ©Lisa Anselmo

Could this be any cuter? ¡Vamos a la playa! ©Lisa Anselmo

Colorful grass umbrellas make the terrace of l’Armagnac very inviting. ©Lisa Anselmo

Dueling terraces on the plaza in front of Hôpital Saint-Antoine. The hospital dates from the late 18th century. ©Lisa Anselmo

Even the bears were chillin’ en terrasse. ©Lisa Anselmo

Keeping cool under the trees on the terrace of Le 20ème Art. ©Lisa Anselmo

I couldn’t resist cooling down with a rosé myself. ©Lisa Anselmo


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11 responses to “Life After Lockdown: Sidewalk Surfin’

  1. OMG 😳 that’s TX hot! Time to go to the beach or find a pool with ice in it!😉 I know you guys don’t have A/C like us. Love those bears! Take care.

    • Where the government stands and where the people stand are two different things. Social distancing is still encouraged and now masks are mandatory inside public places (includes stores). The problem here: after Lockdown ended it was business as usual in the heads of people. And there is very little enforcement. It doesn’t help that Paris’s mayor—who tested positive—refuses to curtail group gatherings. Now numbers are up among young people, most with no symptoms who could then become super spreaders. We’re in our second wave easily 2 months before planned. The upside of that is we are hyper-aware and hopefully will get ahead of the problem. It’s up to leadership. On verra.


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