Lockdown in Paris: Day 48

It’s Stroll-with-Me Sunday. Today, the weather isn’t cooperating, so I’m bringing you a stroll from another time, pre-Covid, of the lovely Latin Quarter. Enjoy!

Rue Lanneau. ©Lisa Anselmo

A gorgeous little restaurant near the Pantheon, in business since 1962. ©Lisa Anselmo

View of the Pantheon from Rue Valette. ©Lisa Anselmo

©Lisa Anselmo

©Lisa Anselmo

Restaurant Au Port Salut, Rue des Fosses Saint Jacques. ©Lisa Anselmo

Gorgeous old locksmith sign, Rue des Fosses Saint Jacques. The locksmith is still in business. ©Lisa Anselmo

Part of the old wall of Paris built by King Philippe Auguste in the 12th Century. You can find remnants of this wall in other parts of Paris. The largest portion is in the 4th arr. (Rue des Jardins St. Paul). ©Lisa Anselmo

Saint Julien le Pauvre. One of the oldest churches in Paris. There are always classical concerts here (during normal times). ©Lisa Anselmo

The home of Issac de Laffemas, poet and playwright, as well as civil lieutenant of the provost of Paris. Building dates to 1639, and includes the larger buildings behind and to the right. ©Lisa Anselmo

Street in the 5th Arrondissement. ©Lisa Anselmo

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4 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 48

  1. Thank you Lisa for the stroll through the Latin Quatier I am familiar with this Quatier good memories. A nice cafe creme and pain au chocolate
    Dream on……

  2. GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing beautiful and special photos. It’s been 40 years since I’ve been in Paris, and I still miss it. I love the thoughts and joy you share. THANK YOU. Stay happy!

  3. It’s fun seeing the same photos of the places we visited the end of February 2020. The one you have looking up the street to the Pantheon is almost exactly like the one I took myself. Same for the photo of Rue Lanneau.


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