The Little Book that Could: Celebrating Success with You

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This week marks the anniversary of the launch of my memoir, My (Part-Time) Paris Life: How Running Away Brought Me Home. The year has whizzed by: signings, ongoing promotions, interviews, lectures. Authors do much of this with their own resources, particularly the book tour, so sometimes you get so focused on the ultimate goal that you forget to appreciate the successes you do have. When you have big, long-range plans, when is it time to celebrate success?

Answer: Every day.

People remind me often that it’s already a big win that I have a published book, by a wonderful publisher. They’re right, and I’m taking this moment to be grateful for that.

My book has also been released in the Czech Republic!

And I’m grateful, too, for all of you who, now that my book is out there, help propel it onward. Thank you to those who bought the book, who shared it with others. Those who messaged me by email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to tell me my book mattered to you. Those who took the time to write a review on Amazon. Who recommended my book for your book club, or invited me to speak in your town. You have all helped make the journey an incredible one. I’m celebrating our success today—because it’s as much yours as mine.

What are the successes you can celebrate today?

Sometimes just the fact that you took a first step is worth honoring. Or maybe you figured out how to use MailChimp and sent out your first newsletter. Yay for you! You smoked one fewer cigarette, took the stairs instead of the elevator—whatever it is, take the time to celebrate at least one thing you’ve done today, even if you’re miles from your ultimate goal. Whether it’s a new business or weight loss, make sure you keep the joy in the process, or else what’s it for?

There’s always more we can do, bigger goals to achieve, but don’t let a far-off future take away from what you have accomplished in the here and now. It’s called the “present” for a reason, right? Enjoy this gift of now, and yell “wahoooo!” with me.

Special Anniversary Gift-With-Purchase Offer!

During the month of October, if you purchase a hardcover copy of My (Part-Time) Paris Life, I’ll send you a personalized signed bookplate!

How to Receive Your Signed Bookplate

  1. Purchase a hardcover copy of the book wherever sold, for yourself or as a gift, between October 1-31, 2017
  2. Send a copy of your dated proof-of-purchase receipt to: with the subject line: GWP OFFER
  3. Include your name and address in the email (If the book is a gift, please include the name of the recipient.)
    (Due to volume, I’m not able to write specific personalized messages, only names. Apologies. Offer subject to postal restrictions.)

Revisit my book launch party, here!

Photos: ©2017 Stephanie Badini


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