Paris Lockdown 2.0: Week 5

My teeny tiny Christmas tree. I don’t have room for much more than this. ©Lisa Anselmo

Here we are ending week 5, with the deadline for deconfinement looming (Dec. 15), waiting for President Macron to tell us what our fate is for Christmas. If we are still confined, there’s a chance I’ll be alone. At Christmas.

It’ll be my first Christmas without family—ever. But Covid is just a giant party pooper like that. I could become terribly sad thinking about it, but I’m going to Scarlett O’Hara that thought and think about it tomorrow. Today, it’s all about decorating. And it’s my birthday week, so even more reason to focus on the reasons to be grateful.

I decided to buy a tree this year in an effort to fully embrace my situation—my first tree in Paris as I usually go to the States—and I found a sweet little gem at one of the local florists. I picked up some lights at my Bricolex hardware store, and went to town on my house. I will be festive, Monsieur Macron be damned. I’m going to suck all the joy out of these days that I can.

I bought my tiny tree here, Ikba Artisan Fleuriste. This place was featured in my episode of House Hunters International. ©Lisa Anselmo
Me in front of Ikba in a scene from my episode of House Hunters International, filmed in Dec 2013. Image courtesy of HGTV.
The halls of the chateau decked. Fa-la-oh-la-la! ©Lisa Anselmo
Found a yummy pine-scented candle. I get a new one every year at Christmas. This was a find at a local home goods shop.


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15 responses to “Paris Lockdown 2.0: Week 5

  1. I Like your mini tree. Is it artificial? Where does one buy artificial trees in Paris? I’ve had the same 2 tall trees for several years bought from Target, they look very good- albeit they don’t have the pizzaz of a real one. Joyeuses fêtes!

  2. That’s perfect. No tree for me this year, but I’ll decorate the mantle – just for me. I did put up the usual garland and lights on my picket fence. It adds a little festivity to the neighborhood.
    Greetings from Southern California.

  3. Hang in there Lisa. We here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, have endured a really tough lockdown but coming out of it, with zero new cases or deaths for a month. Looks like the pain may have been worth t. We had our first international flight touch down yesterday morning and all have to go into a 2 week hotel quarantine. Restricted 24 hours a day to the room; not allowed out for fresh air or exercise. So when we see pics of people elsewhere in the world sans masks and in a crowd – we find it alarming!! We are very happy though to be able to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. I hope you have a lovely Christmas

    • Yes you take the extreme approach on that side of the world where SARS is not unknown to you. Here in France where nearly anything goes (at least this summer), we’re paying the price. And still my neighbors had a party Saturday night during confinement. I’m at my wits end with these people here. But enough about that. ‘Tis the season for holly and cheer! Happy Christmas!

  4. You normally don’t stay in Paris for so long at one time, correct? Have you stayed all these months due to Covid?

  5. Dear Lisa
    First of all sending Birthday wishes to you from Canada. Your tree is sweet and love the pine candle the glass is so elegant. I purchased a pine candle the scent is so comforting.
    Like you we are waiting to hear the restrictions moving into the holiday season they will be harsh I am sure as our numbers of covid are at the highest ever !!! Vaccine on it’s way !!
    Take care best wishes

  6. Another wonderful post Lisa. Wishing you the very best for your Christmas. Of all the many things that you will feel being away from your family for the first time, make sure you add to the list feeling proud of yourself for surviving the challenge x


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