Life After Lockdown: A Dedication

©Lisa Anselmo

Paris is so tranquil these days. Everyone is away. You can hear yourself think, feel all the feels. It’s heavenly, in a way. My emotions have been crawling around on the surface for a few days, maybe it’s the heatwave, but I had another one of those spontaneous sings. I was washing my dishes and suddenly out popped a song—not one I ever think of, really, even though it’s a classic. But it begged to be given voice, so I opened my mouth and sang it out.

It wasn’t until I’d put it down for posterity that its significance hit me. There’s no other reason for this song to have entered my brain except that it’s a message—not for me, but through me to another. Today’s Music Monday is dedicated to a family close to me as my own. And to a mother’s son: we will always love you.


Danny Boy. Vocals: Lisa Anselmo


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10 responses to “Life After Lockdown: A Dedication

  1. Talk about emotions being on the surface- all I did was cry 😢 listening to you sing to me!😉 Guess I needed to let the emotions out. It was so beautiful and relaxing to listen and drink my coffee. I hope you do realize that what your doing Is not only awesome but outlet for some of use and is so much appreciated. 💗🤗

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