Life After Lockdown: Seeing Things Anew

In keeping with Stroll-with-Me Sunday, today’s offering. I was able to take a stroll without any official documents for this first time since March, and after being in lockdown so long, my eyes were especially attuned to things I normally would take for granted. Here are some wonderful everyday gems in this former atelier district.

An old wood factory now hotel. ©Lisa Anselmo

I found myself snapping away as I walked along at what most people would find banal businesses but, to me, screamed charm and harkened back to a time when this district was filled with furniture factories, upholsterers, home designers, and other craftsman.

The glorious building above, an Art Nouveau dream, is one of my absolute favorites. A former wood factory, it’s now a hotel. It sat empty for years before its recent reincarnation. The facade has been left intact.

©Lisa Anselmo

This shop, “Products of Yesteryear” has been around for generations and specializes in traditional products for the maintenance and renovation of marble floors, antique floor tiles, and also has every kind of stain and oil for wood, pigments for paint, and more. I’m obsessed with the hand-painted storefront, and the products in the window. Makes me want to start a restoration project.

©Lisa Anselmo

©Lisa Anselmo

This woodworking shop is chock full of goodies. Places like these, so specific and full of character are rare nowadays, but in an old city like Paris, they are still a critical resource to replace or restore old architectural details. When I peeked inside, there was an old woman manning the store. I wanted to browse, but had a feeling that was frowned upon.

©Lisa Anselmo

Here, another former factory. There are so many like this in the neighborhood, and all with these stunning hand-lettered signs. As a designer, these appeal to me more than I can say. In this old atelier district there are many places like this, below, once filled with dusty workshops, now homes to design firms or tech companies. The creative imprint of this neighborhood lives on.

©Lisa Anselmo

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4 responses to “Life After Lockdown: Seeing Things Anew

  1. Ooh so exciting! True gems for certain. I want to go in that wood shop too. So glad you got to stroll with no papers. Thanks again for the lovely tour – makes me want to travel!😭

    • I know. I think not being able to travel is one of the hardest things to bear. That, and no restaurants. That’s pretty much my whole world: travel and restaurants.

  2. Wonderful post! Great to see the photo of the Boutet, where I was booked to stay a few days before your early June retreat I was hoping to attend. Pre lockdown plans. Now appreciating your diary and hopeful for more Paris visits in due time. Stay safe and well.

    • Oh, man! That would have been the perfect place to stay. Didn’t know you were booked for the retreat. We’ve rescheduled. Did you see? Next June 2021.


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