Lockdown in Paris: Deconfinement Day

Pont Marie, Paris. ©Lisa Anselmo

Well, today is the day—not just Music Monday, but also the day lockdown as we know it is over in France. Today, we start phase one of the slow road to déconfinement that will take us through the summer. The next phase starts June 2, and another July 10, with rolling re-openings based on how we’re doing with new cases of Covid-19. For the moment, it feels like we’re taking a huge leap of faith. Just hoping there’s a parachute in there somewhere.

This diary will change somewhat going forward. I may not blog daily, but I will stay with you several times a week, and let you know what déconfinement is like. I’ll still sing, and give you tours, and whine about the challenges of Paris in the Time of Covid-19. And there will be plenty of inspiration and laughs to get you through this.

For today, I have a special song, one that’s appropriate for this pandemic and the great unknown that lies ahead. The song is by Paul Simon but the arrangement is pure Aretha. Enjoy. With love.

Bridge Over Troubled Water, vocals: Lisa Anselmo

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