Lockdown in Paris: Day 51

Anything Goes Wednesday is here!  Something short and sweet: A little video I made for my mom of one of my trips to Paris. In the time before I had my apartment, I used to come to Paris twice a year and stay in a wonderful hotel near the Rue de Bac Métro called the Hotel K+K Cayré. After nearly ten years of visits, I became pretty close to all the staff there. I found this video yesterday while backing up my Paris photos, and had a twinge of nostalgia. I remember making it with a then new movie editing program while sitting at my mother’s kitchen table, 2007 or so. It’s a little homemade and the old resolution doesn’t quite fit today’s specs, but here it is.

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11 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 51

  1. Hello!
    What a lovely video!
    Thank you for sharing! I can relate to your frequent trip to Paris before moving there.
    You had a really nice spot to take pictures of the Paris skyline!
    I am back in Ottawa and in lockdown but enjoying Paris thanks so your newsletter and also David Lebovitz. Today his Parisian partner will make carrot salad- at 6 pm
    Paris time. Should be a laugh, at apéro hour- for you- home school lunch hour for me.
    Sent from my iPhone

    • That hotel always gave me the best rooms and often with that view toward the north. Sometimes I even had a balcony. Always they upgraded me. I miss that place. It’s not a bad thing being a frequent visitor to Paris. In some ways it’s easier and a little more glamorous. Enjoy David’s thingie!

  2. That was so sweet-made me feel extremely homesick, as well…I know all of the places/arrondissements in the video, and we used to stay in a charming hotel on the Rue de Bellechasse (Hotel Bellechasse St. Germain) before renting our apt yearly. My mom and a close friend used to stay at the lovely Pont Royal, too. Almost makes not leaving for Paris this Friday palatable…almost….

    • Ah, the Pont Royale is very fancy. I knew that neighborhood so well, and it reminded me of my neighhorhood in NYC. I thought I might buy a place in that area, but could not afford one square inch. But where I am now seems to suit me better in some ways, at least for now. I hope you can come back to Paris before too long.

      • It is-but my mom and adopted grandmother stayed there before the tres chic renovation..it was lovely before then, as you know…I adore the 7th–would love a place there, but, like you, I can’t afford the prices…where in NYC do you live? I’m on the West side…the 7th and 16th remind me so much of the East Side-Madison/Park in the 60’s-80’s…but much prettier! I’m set to return to Paris end of October-moved my apt. rental time and flight…fingers crossed! Give my love to our gorgeous city…:) hope you’re doing well!

      • In general I find the 7th a bit to quiet for me, stuffy. But maybe for later in life. It’s certainly pretty, and yes very Upper East Side. The 16th arr. is totally Central Park and Park Ave. In NYC, I’m a downtown girl. But I love the Upper West Side, too.

  3. Thank you…so uplifting I had a smile on my face the whole time. Dreamy music and a special vedio .now I can carry on with my day.

  4. I loved this! It made me sad, though, because of the images of Notre Dame. She will never look like that again, if ever.

    I miss Paris so much. But I know that, like MacArthur, I will return. Well, not to the Philippines, but I will return.

    • They are restoring Notre Dame. Never fear. Maybe we won’t see her rebuilt in our lifetime but it will happen. We only lost the spire and roof (and “the forest”). The fire actually exposed some fatal weaknesses in the structure from neglect, which all will now be addressed so she will be stronger than ever. Hope to see you soon General. [Salutes.]

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