Lockdown in Paris: Day 37

Half of my entire universe. ©Lisa Anselmo

For Anything Goes Wednesday I’m doing more of the same. I’m talking about life during lockdown.

Every day is like the day before. I wake up and workout (a little) with my buddy Tammy‘s Instagram videos. Then I make breakfast while video-chatting with my buddy Matthew who is in Tokyo making dinner. I work, have lunch (sometimes), then work some more. At 5 p.m. I take a break in the sun on my teeny balcony. I post my social media. Then dinner and Netflix before bed.

Every movement, every tiny task, is the same. Every. Single. Day.

I do all this inside the same four walls—and I can literally see all four walls of my home from where I’m sitting now. My entire universe is 256 square feet, though I spend most of my day in a quarter of that space, at my kitchen table.

At first, I liked cocooning and having a routine; it helped bring a sense of comfort and structure to my days in confinement. But after more than a month of this, restlessness is setting in.

This morning, as I was changing from my nighttime jammies to my daytime jammies, a thought occurred to me: this sameness, this routine, is reminiscent of the life of a religious hermit. Modest surroundings, simple daily tasks, all creating more mental space for spiritual reflection. The stillness of our lives right now is forcing us to focus on these “insignificant” daily tasks and take care with them. The smallness of our universe is allowing us to expand our inner selves. It’s not easy, this sameness. The monks will tell you that it takes discipline to live like this, to find fulfillment in simplicity and stillness.

If I am restless, the real question is not: How can I add something new? It’s: Why do I need the distraction?

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Tip of the day

Are you starting to get anxious and fidgety? Ask yourself what’s at the root of your restlessness? What’s bothering you? You may find that it has very little to do with the “same old, same old” of the world out there, and more about that tiny whisper in your head that you’re trying to drown out with the noise of activity.


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22 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 37

  1. I love your petit appartement!
    Your new kitchen looks great and is excellent use of the space.
    Thanks for the tour.

  2. Lisa, great reflection on our simple tasks during our confinement and what it means. Personally I am concerned about the projected re-occurrence of Covid-19 in the Fall and what this “new normal” will mean.

  3. Was it back in 2016 that I read your book My (Part-Time) Paris Life? The entire journey was one that fascinated me; especially living in a smaller condo. Now that you have been publishing your Lock-down in Paris journals, I am once again entertained with you bringing us along into your corner of the Universe. Daily I anticipate the arrival of your email that informs me I am about to be transported to Life in Paris. Thank you for using your experiences, thoughts and words at this time to provide my own escape.

  4. Lisa – I look forward to your daily posts. Hang in there!

    I’m rather sure I’m not going to Paris on May 11th.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Lisa and to your friends for sharing their vistas as well. I love your light (I think it was above the table) did you get it from Paris or NY? I try and make it to Paris once or twice a year to go clothes shopping- it’s very easy from London – and I’m wondering if I my (very bad) French is up to household goods as well!
    Naomi x

  6. I love your appartment its perfect so bright and fresh. Nice to see especially after reading your book trying to visualize it. Thank you for this post.

  7. I’ve read your book and what a treat it was today to get a peek inside of your apartment! It’s beautiful! Your daily posts have become part of my “new” daily routine.

  8. Thank you for your mini video today! I love your apartment. I read your book about buying your apartment and am thinking maybe you can compile your quarantine posts into a book and add how it all turned out when quarantine life is over,
    Also, the little tray behind your sink is adorable. I gasped when I saw it because I have a very similar one – bought it when I was studying in Paris my junior year in college in the late ‘70’s!

  9. I bought your book recently after reading your daily quarantine posts and I am loving every page. I recognize the mirror that was hung by “Eldin” with the cheville you bought at the Castorama. Thank-you for the much needed distraction!

  10. I love your daily updates, especially this one! Great insights you are having. Also love your black and white color scheme with the red accents. Keep writing and stay well………


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