Lockdown in Paris: Day 27

Saint-Jean-Bosco, an Art Deco cathedral. The church was open today but no Easter mass. ©Lisa Anselmo

For those celebrating Easter and Passover, this post is for you. I’m thinking especially of those who have lost someone recently. We all feel some of that weight today. It’s a lonely Easter Sunday for a lot of people, like me, confined and unable to be with family. The longing is palpable.

I do love Easter, almost more than Christmas, maybe because of the idea of rebirth, of resurrection. Starting anew. I told myself I would not be sad today, and took a walk out in the sun and spring. My local church, Saint-Jean-Bosco, a glorious Art Deco cathedral, did not have mass today, but I sat on the steps for a moment, in the sun, and said a prayer anyway.

I walked on under the clear blue sky, the birds singing relentlessly; they would not let me be anything but peaceful and content. Everything around me was renewing itself, exploding with life: the budding trees overhead; the flower boxes on the street filled with friendly daisies. Life is a cycle: we are born, we die, we are born again. Yes, right now it feels as if we are under a pall of sickness and death, but we will come out from this, renewed. Resurrection is at hand.

Have a blessed day, dear reader.

The trees explode with flowers. ©Lisa Anselmo

A little community garden springs forth. ©Lisa Anselmo

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11 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 27

      • Happy belated Easter too. Wished we could have had all our friends and family over! Our little guy had his 9th birthday yesterday. So it was a historic moment- Easter, birthday, during a pandemic. The next time Easter will happen on April 12th will be in the year 2093! We are living history! Prayers for all. And totally get the CV reference- had a lady send her CV to us and we had to google what CV stood for!

  1. Hi Lisa, Another friend from San Francisco. I agree with everything you said in this post. I like to read your thoughts. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you.💐

  2. Happy Belated Easter, Lisa. Here in NYC, the sun was out, an early spring chill infused the air…a strange holiday, to be sure. I was supposed to land in Paris for my yearly sojourn to Paris (we rent an apt. every year for a few weeks) on 8 Mai; sadly, it looks like the voyage will be postponed to Oct., as Paris-like the rest of the world-will be on lockdown for several more months…really bummed, but look forward to returning to my other “home” in a few months. A votre sante!

    • Yes, so many plans foiled by “Rona.” I had a friend also coming this month who was to stay for three, but he’s also moving things to October. We’ll be busy this fall for sure!

      • On “familiar” (“TU”) terms with CV, are you lol? I’m really bummed but thankful for the health of myself and family/friends, given the tragic situation so many are enduring. Fall will be jam-packed everywhere, as well! Hope the next months go bytres vite!


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