Lockdown in Paris: Day 25

We’re all missing this so much. ©Lisa Anselmo

I miss Paris. Currently, I’m confined in a small village called Sainte-Marguerite.* It’s a nice place, we have some modern conveniences like grocery stores, but no parks or restaurants to speak of right now, not even a café. It’s not much more than 1 kilometer across, this village.

There’s not much to do in Sainte-Marguerite. We only go out once a day. For groceries. Or to walk the dog. We basically live in our windows—reading, sunning ourselves, chatting to each other from across the street. But we rarely meet face-to-face. It’s a strange place.

In the Paris I remember, there were cafés; you could walk by the river. We had picnics and met up for apéro. The restaurants were incredible. The shopping, unmatched. Paris was a wonderful place to explore, with stunning architecture, and museums packed with treasures. I miss all that so much.

I haven’t seen Paris in 25 days. Not the real Paris, not all of Paris. Only this little village found somewhere between the Nation and Voltaire Métro stations, named for a church called Sainte-Marguerite.

*Where is this Sainte-Marguerite?

Sainte-Marguerite is a neighborhood in the 11th arrondissement. Paris is made up of “villages” each with their own name, like Charonne, La Chapelle, Grenelle. Mine, like many, is named for the local church.

Some of what I miss under lockdown:

It’s nearly spritz season, dammit.

©Lisa Anselmo

The Seine is also outside my confinement zone. That’s Ile Saint Louis across the river.

©Lisa Anselmo

Oh, how I miss that. This is Cuillier in Montmartre.

©Lisa Anselmo

I never thought I’d miss the Métro, but yes, the freedom to visit friends anywhere in Paris. But with nowhere to go, my Navigo (monthly Métro card) is collecting dust instead of trips.

©Lisa Anselmo

And being able to explore all the city has to offer.

©Lisa Anselmo

Did I mention I miss cafés? I miss cafés most of all. I worry which will survive this shutdown. Will Paris lose its café culture?

©Lisa Anselmo

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Tip of the day

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12 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 25

  1. I was confused too, until I looked at the map and saw the arrondissements and realized that your ‘hood is your small “village”.

  2. I would have been flying out to Paris last night… yesterday was the lowest day (so far) of this entire confinement. I had impulse purchased a bottle of Aperol (first time) at Tr Joe’s a few days ago on my weekly market run (I’d never seen it there before) and made myself a nice Aperol Spritz last night! It seemed like the right thing to do, although a girl could get in trouble… 😉

  3. I miss all those things about your beautiful city too. What I miss about my city of San Diego during confinement is our beaches, Balboa Park, Old Town, but most of all our family and friends. Take care of yourself. We’re all in this together. 💗

  4. I am inspired to purchase the required ingredients for an Aperol spritz (or dozen) by this post. I miss those. And that’s not all I miss. Sigh.


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