Lockdown in Paris: Day 18

My workout tools: 2.5kg weights & buddy Tammy Wise of Bodylogos

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost weight since I’ve been in confinement. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m eating out less, and drinking less wine—consuming less sugar in general. I’m also eating a mostly vegetarian diet since I ran out of meat about a week ago. I’ve decided to make do with what I have in stock to avoid going to the store unless I absolutely have to, because every time you come in contact with people, you have to reset your 14-day countdown. I’m in the “all clear” right now, and I want to stay that way.

While I seem to be slimming down, I’ve also noticed that I’m out of shape. I took a stroll last week around the neighborhood—a walk I’ve done countless times before confinement—when, after only a few minutes, I started huffing and wheezing like an old woman. I had to pause at the steps of my church to rest. It’s a block away.

Oh, hell no.

I wasn’t in the best shape before confinement. I’m not a go-to-the-gym-daily kind of person. And group classes? Even less appealing. No, I don’t want to go to anything called Boot Camp, thank you very much. That’s not to say that I haven’t been known to have bouts of fitness fever—at one point I even had a gym membership and worked out with a trainer. And I used to love exercising with Gilad’s Bodies in Motion. You remember Gilad. If you rest, you rust!

Sorry, Gilad. I’m rusting all over.

Remember Gilad?

But a few days ago, I decided to take back my fitness. I can’t control this pandemic, but I can control the firmness of my buttocks and abs, mais non? My friend Tammy Wise of Bodylogos, does a 1-minute video every day on Instagram (@tammy_bodylogos), and I kick off my mornings with her. I used to work out every week with Tammy when I was studying opera, and I love her method. Bodylogos puts mindfulness into strength training, giving purpose to each movement, and that’s a wonderful motivator. For example, your abs are your inner self (weak abs, weak sense of self); opening your chest is opening your inner smile; your quadriceps move you forward, your glutes are comfort and stability, etc. Working out with Tammy was the only time in my life that I smiled while doing 100 crunches. Bodylogos is the perfect workout for this time now.

Today, though, I worked out via video chat with my best friend Matthew, who is in Tokyo. (You know Matthew if you’ve read my book.) Neither of us is really motivated to work out conventionally, but this turned out to be the perfect solution. We chatted, we worked out, we laughed, we worked out some more. I think it might become a “thing.” It wasn’t 100% serious, but I felt 100% energized afterward. Whatever it takes.

Oh, and I just found Gilad on Youtube. Pumped!

What are you doing to get moving during confinement?

Get caught up on my diary, here.

Come along on my (breathless) walk


Tip of the day

If you’re normally a couch potato, it’s important during this time to get moving, for both body and mind. Find an online workout or dance class. Or create a video chat workout group to motivate each other. If you can, get outside and walk. Stretch in the yard—anything to move your energy. Let’s use this time to get into better shape. Plus, it will help build our immune systems.


To get moving and be moved

From Tammy Wise for mind & body. Click book to buy.

From Gilad for beginners. Stream Gilad TV on Amazon.

From me for heart & soul. Click book to buy.

14 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 18

  1. We took a bench from the porch and set it, with a folded blanket on top, in our office as a makeshift workout bench. I have my 15 pound weights to do some upper body with and a band to use on my legs for hip strength. We also go for walks to the post office ( no home delivery of mail in our subdivision. I also have 36 steps in my house so if the weather is bad I go up and down the stairs several times.

  2. How funny. We were just doing a workout 💪 we found on YouTube of Gilad!! It has been a long time since I physically worked out or used one of his videos! 😉 🤗

  3. Age challenged but still vertical. I recall having a morning exercise routine with Jane Fonda from one of her many VHS exercise tapes. I now listen to the songs from the Bee Gees, ‘One Night Only’ DVD and dance around the house. It is a great DVD; it is as though I am having a party in my living room. Missing many of the words I often sing along. No critics to comment. Regarding Revlon #725, I often have a trade off between #725 and #510. I look forward to another song from you. Yesterday, I listened to an at home concert from John Garland/FB. A super fun and equally nice person. SightseekersDelight.com and KarenRebRudel/FB sends daily reports from Paris as well as on occasion a YouTube.com commentary about Paris. Stay safe; stay well.

    • That was so much fun with John last night. Loved his disco lights! I’ll be posting a new song on Monday. Music Mondays I’m calling it. Stay tuned!

  4. Thank you for this post I have run out of excuses why I am not exercising !! Open up the new body ageing backwards work out video I ordered.and have ….I do my stairs !!!
    Happy Friday.

  5. Before this all happened, I was having PT for my hip replacement and working on my core and hip flexors there. Now, of course, that’s stopped.

    So, walking (there’s an artificial lake nearby–a full circuit is 2 miles) when it’s not raining like the second coming of Noah. And I’ve got a yoga routine on my iPad. So, I spread my mat out in the living room. People do goat yoga, I do cat yoga.

    For years before the arthritis in my hips got so awful, I was taking barre class and I was in great shape. Now, I’m just a tub of goo.

    With gray roots.

  6. Thanks Lisa love your blog !!
    You are so inspiring I also am in lockdown in Florida there’s plenty of stupid people down here too they don’t realize how lethal this virus is .
    Please tell me how are you living with such a small refrigerator ?

    • My sister is in Florida and has been complaining at the cluelessness of people. My fridge is indeed the worst. But there used to be two of living here and we managed. You adapt to what you have.


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