Lockdown in Paris: Day 9

Danger of Despair. Are you addicted to doomsday?

So, I had a little meltdown on Facebook last night. The panic and negativity had reached a fever pitch on the toxic conveyor belt that is our Facebook newsfeed these days. Between the angry bipartisan bashing of the powers that be (useless energy), and the random senseless messages like, “Governor Cuomo! Not good news!” screaming on a field of red with zero explanation (irresponsible), I just exploded:

Ok kids, I’ve had enough of rumor-mongering, fake cures, and panicked messages. You are now officially addicted to the adrenalin rush of crying doomsday, and I call bullsh*t.

I did not use an asterisk.

The worst offenders, I said, would be silenced from my newsfeed immediately, “social media distanced where you cannot infect my brain.” It’s a matter of keeping sane.

The only thing worse than this virus is the way we are behaving: hysteria, mania, panic, negativity. Shut. It. Down.

Dear people of the world, get ahold of yourselves. It’s not okay to spew every thought in your head the moment you have it. Think about others before you post: your friends in the epicenter in Europe, your children, your community. What ideas are you putting out into the shared psyche? We’re taking measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, but what are we doing to stop the spread of fear and despair—of chaos?

Remember these guidelines for posting on social media:

  1. Does this post pertain to my immediate community/country?
  2. Is it useful or helpful?
  3. Is it truthful, factual? (Big one!)
  4. Does it change anything?
  5. Can I do something about this? 

We have become addicted to the adrenalin rush of drama. We’ve been in this state of elevated hysteria for the last few years; everything is a big deal, an “OMG!” The headlines are more and more sensationalized, designed to get you to click and share. Don’t. Click-through rates are one way advertisers measure return on investment (ROI). Get it? You’re being manipulated for money. Waves of rumor, of emotion, sweep over us en masse as the puppet masters play to our weaknesses.

“Sheeple,” my friend Brion calls us. We are acting without thinking, feeling without understanding, speaking without facts. We are sheeple. And I call bullsh*t.

We must take charge of our minds. Now.

This is hard enough on us as it is, why would we willingly pile on the pain? Let’s take responsibility for what we can control, and stop gorging ourselves on fear. We need to treat ourselves and others with loving kindness and respect—now more than ever. We’re already in the middle of this—it’s here—all we can do now is fasten our seat belts and ride it out with whatever human dignity we have left.

Can I get an amen?

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Tip for the day:

Just like the confinement and shutdowns being enacted around the world, we need to enact similar measures to control the spread of Fear-2020. I propose the following, starting today:

  1. Only 30 minutes a day of social media is permitted, and not during the first hour after waking. 
  2. If you feel an emotional outburst coming on, self-isolate until you are mentally clear. Get help if you need to. 
  3. If someone in your circle is radiating negativity on social media, do not engage if you are feeling fragile. Distance yourself until their mental malady passes. 
  4. Monitor all conversations verbal or digital. If the conversation spirals downward into fear- and rumor-mongering, and you begin to feel panicked, abort the conversation. 
  5. Be respectful of others in your community. Before you blurt out death tolls, or send messages about the infection rates, ask the other person if they are alright talking about this topic. Don’t send out bad news first thing in the morning, unless it is personal. 


Stuff to do while NOT on social media

Click book to buy.

Click book to pre-order.

F*ck Im Bored

Click book to buy.

22 responses to “Lockdown in Paris: Day 9

  1. Amen! Absolutely favorite post ever!! Also my first time to respond to you.🤗 It’s a beautiful day to be alive!

  2. You get a BIG “AMEN” from me Lisa!❤️

    On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 7:12 AM My (Parttime) Paris Life wrote:

    > Lisa Anselmo posted: ” So, I had a little meltdown on Facebook last night. > The panic and negativity had reached a fever pitch on the toxic conveyor > belt that is our Facebook newsfeed these days. Between the angry bipartisan > bashing of the powers that be (useless energy), an” >

  3. I got off of Facebook many years ago. I would recommend anyone to stop using Facebook, not only for their mental health but for the security of their private information. I tell people this all of the time, but they’re addicted.

      • Amen, Mark! Amen, Lisa! FWIW, I never look at my FB Newsfeed and use FB for little other than connecting with members of 1 former work group and one remotely-located community. The only other social media on which I am active is IG, which I read (only) on my computer once a day. I have encountered none of the hysteria or other (undue) negativity re the pandemic in the IG posts or stories of those whom I follow. So, you may want to consider ratcheting back your reading on FB ( and Twitter) and carefully curating whom you view/read on IG. 😉

      • You are very wise. I’m not on social media very much either—just what I need to promote my brand and projects, and stay in contact. These posts were what saw in the 10 minutes I was on, and gave me a window into the collective psyche that was worrisome.

  4. AMEN! This is hard enough without fear mongers whipping people up to panic. Stay grounded, stay sane, and stay safe. We are all in this together and it’s not a zombie apocalypse movie. 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️

    • Comments on my blog, unlike our Facebook feeds, are unfiltered. I post all comments that come in, as long as it’s not an ad, or someone spewing hate. My post is only one side of the conversation, and I welcome intelligent debate. Trolls will be silenced, but an opposing opinion, never.

  5. Amen and right on! I limit my intake of the news each day for my sanity and I don’t do FB. Thank you for your post and for posting each day.

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