Five Years On

Five years ago today, I found the apartment that would become the vehicle for my life change. This is the first year I will be in the apartment to mark this anniversary. In the past, either my schedule or the epic leak from my neighbor kept me away. To mark this date, I’m sharing some articles from past anniversaries, and a video tour of my little peace of heaven in the City of Light. Enjoy!

My Apartment—Four Years Later

My Paris Place: Two Years and Counting

Take a Video Tour of My Paris Place!

And browse some posts in my home-related topics:

Posts About Home Sweet Home
Challenges of Parisian Homeownership
My Neighborhood


Read more about my journey to find purpose in Paris after the loss of my mother, and the healing I found in Burgundy, in my memoir My (Part-Time) Paris Life, on sale here:

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12 responses to “Five Years On

  1. Lisa – Totally enjoyed your book which is as much therapy on embracing life’s changes as your Paris life. I’ve told several people to go and buy it and hopefully you’ll do a book tour here in SF! See you next time in Paris. Bill.

  2. Hi Lisa
    Your apartment is lovely; congratulations on 5 years as a French property homeowner. Also, I think it is amazing what you’ve done in your life , personally and professionally, during that time.

    Lynn H

  3. I was halfway through reading your book at bedtime and with tired eyes I set it down and switched on House Hunters International and landed on a Paris episode with my favourite realtor and a lively charming apartment shopper- and then I heard the name and thought wait! My book! Thanks for so much for sharing your journey- hubby and I will be there in Sept for our 25th!


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