It’s Here: My (Part-Time) Paris Life, The Memoir


Well, it’s here. After two long years of hard work, my story has been released to the world. [Gulp!]

Inside this pretty cover design by Kerri Resnick at St. Martin’s Press, are 242 pages that take you along on my journey as I search for purpose in Paris after the loss of my mother from breast cancer. It’s the deeper story behind this blog. You’ll shop with me for my Paris apartment, get to know my neighborhood, and witness me attempt to live in a locals-only district with only my lamentable French. You’ll meet my friends in New York and Paris, and learn (possibly too much) about my family. I didn’t pull any punches when I wrote about what it took for me to change my life and create my own happiness—the challenges and the rewards—and it’s my hope that you might find inspiration within. At the very least, a diversion for a few hours. If you love Paris, or have ever felt lost or hopeless (but still dream of something more), this is for you.

YOU CAN BUY MY MEMOIR HERE (Hardcover, E-book, and Audiobook):
Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Books-A-MillioniBooks | IndieBound



Recording the audio version of my book for those who like to listen while they drive.

Recording the audio version of my book for those who like to listen while they drive.

18 responses to “It’s Here: My (Part-Time) Paris Life, The Memoir

  1. HA! Thought I would quickly check my emails before blasting off to do a gazillion errands. Then I read your post, then went to Amazon for the Kindle version of your book, now it’s 40 minutes later and I’m hooked – errands be damned!
    Congratulations, your story is terrific! Well done!

  2. My copy is on its way from Amazon – I can’t wait. We’re supposed to have some rain later this week in N. California – perfect reading weather. Congrats Lisa.

  3. I just commented and voila – mail arrived and your book is here!!!!! Can’t wait to start reading it tomorrow.

  4. I downloaded my pre-ordered copy from iBooks yesterday and am saving it to read during my trip to Santa Barbara next week (all the way from home in Los Angeles!). Perfect timing. Congratulations!

  5. This Sydney-based Francophile just ordered her copy and can’t wait till it arrives. I have maybe 20 memoirs on Paris and look forward to adding yours to my collection. The cover is gorgeous and glad I have found a blog to accompany it. I’m the author of two novels so know how exciting this all is – enjoy it!


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