Watch My Story on House Hunters International (Again!)

miron-main space If you missed the debut of my episode of House Hunters International, it’s airing again, October 3rd at 11pm e/p on HGTV. Leopard Films documented the story of my search for a place in Paris, a search which began after my mother died from breast cancer. You’ll see what it’s like to hunt for a tiny slice of heaven in the City of Light, and get a tour of my Paris place. Don’t miss it! House Hunters International Finding Happiness in Paris, Episode HHINT-6802H Oct 3 @ 11pm/10c & 2am/1c HGTV Click here for more details See behind the scenes photos in the original post here Read about my reaction to the show here

2 responses to “Watch My Story on House Hunters International (Again!)

  1. I love the look on Adrian’s face…….This rube from NY coming to Paris with essentially no money, trying to buy the Paris apartment of her dreams… SMH

    • Rube? Moi? Naw. You know House Hunters plays up that angle for drama. I’ve been coming to Paris since 2002, I have Parisian friends who own and rent. I did a year’s worth of research before I bought. I knew exactly what to expect for my money and wasn’t delusional at all. The “dream” for me was not about some insane Haussmannian palace; it was a just a humble desire to put down roots in a place I loved, near my friends, as a way to find joy during a very difficult time after I lost my mother. I would tell anyone, if they want to buy in Paris, do your research, work with an agent, and be prepared as to what to expect there. And you won’t be disappointed.

      By the way, you were joking, right?

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