What Readers are Saying—Amazon Reviews of My (Part-Time) Paris Life

Read just some of the reader reviews that have earned My (Part-Time) Paris Life: How Running Away Brought Me Home 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

I absolutely loved it; a story that hit home for me.”

Great book. I hope she writes more because I’m a little sad that it’s over.”

“Wonderful storytelling, and a memoir that most everyone can relate to in some way.”

“A great weekend read!”

You’ll find yourself yearning for the delightful pastry and French wine with every turn of the page.”

This is a fascinating exploration of the benefits of living in ‘real’ Paris, as opposed to the touristy areas that we all know and love.”

I can’t wait for her follow-up. Hope it is not too long in coming.”

“Written with a lively spirit and wonderful prose, this beautiful memoir shows what one can do when they take a leap of faith.”

“The wondrous quality about this read, besides the Paris aspect, is the wisdom.”

If there was a rating beyond five stars, I would give it. Buy this, sit back, and enjoy.”

“I put this on my wish list and received it as a Christmas gift; so happy I did! This is a charming memoir by a talented writer.”

“Stayed up until 4am reading it. Couldn’t put it down!

Loved, loved, loved the book!”

I highly recommend this book and especially for anyone who has dreams of living abroad.”

“Her Paris is certainly not tourist Paris, and I liked it so much more for that.”

“I was instantly hooked.”

“It is written in a clear, humorous, and concise way that makes it hard to put down.”

“I really hope Anselmo is working on a follow-up.”

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