My friend, Duda Baldwin, is running an online weekly workshop in a meditation Facebook group for the next 4 weeks.

It starts Friday, March27, US/UK/Europe evening time TBD, Saturday AU/NZ/Bali time TBD.
You can watch live on Facebook, or at your own convenience.

To book your spot:

The cost is AUD $35 for 4 deep sessions. Your entire household can watch as many times as you like. [AUD35 = approx. GBP18 / USD20 / EUR19]

What you get with each session:

  • Buddhist teachings that ease up fear and pessimism
  • Easy (but very deep and profound) meditation technique that you do on the spot and can carry into your everyday life
  • Each session you learn another technique so it enhances your practice (not everyone needs the same meditation and different techniques are used depending on days/energies, etc.)
  • Any questions you have, Duda will address them
  • A lot of common sense wisdom that stems from Buddhist psychology and philosophy
  • A bonus coaching tip that combines Buddhist wisdom with a Stoic attitude (Stoicism is very much linked to deep wisdom and offers pragmatic approach to obstacles)
  • Easy-to-understand explanation as to why and how meditation help with anxiety, depression or any negative emotional disturbance
  • Help understanding that meditation is not sitting in silence but inviting your demons to tea
  • How self-compassion can help us not only to calm down but to heal
  • You also get Duda’s online course on relationships free as a bonus (it goes straight into your inbox, RPP $99)
  • Bonus: $100 voucher on Duda’s bestselling online course Little School of Buddhism (enrollment now open for August).
  • Ongoing support one-on-one if needed at a discount of 80%

Once you reserve your spot you’ll get an email from Duda with the link to the meditation group/times and notifications.

To book your spot: